Saturday, October 17, 2015

Contribute to the SG Bicycle Parking Project

Colin Leong announced on Love Cycling SG that he "started a Google map of bicycle rack/parking locations because I got frustrated trying to figure out if there are racks near places that I want ride to." Green pins on the map have photos of the parking facility; red pins are either unconfirmed or don't have photos. To contribute to this map by adding locations directly, please email URL to this map: SG Bicycle Parking Project also points here.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Mass cycling events in 2015

These are the bicycle events that I know of so far this year. Do drop a comment if you know of  others which are suitable for recreational cyclists.
  1. NTU Bike Rally by NTU Sport Club, 08 Mar 2015 [registration closed;]
  2. (Re)Cycle 350, World Water Day 21 Mar 2015 [registration open;]
  3. Cycle Asia Singapore, by Spectrum Worldwide, 10-12 Apr 2015 [registration open;]; next year?
  4. Aidha Tour de Singapore fund raising ride for domestic workers , 10 May 2015 []
  5. Ride of Silence, 24 May 2015; a commemorative ride for fallen cyclists [; see this blogpost from 2009]
  6. Heart of Courage, 20 Jun 2015; Teen Challenge (Singapore)'s first charity cycling event and fundraiser for DARE Centre [registration open;, facebook]
  7. OCBC Cycle, by OCBC, 29-30 Aug 2015 [registration opens on 09 March 2015;]
  8. Seen and Be Seen, a safe cycling campaign [] - ?Sep 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

No Speeding (cyclists) and No Motorised Vehicles banner campaign in PCNs

The Park Connector Network guides on the NParks webpage state that cyclists should "Keep within the speed limit of 15km/h".

Now there are banners along several NParks' PCNs with two messages, "No Speeding" with a bicycle icon and "No Motorised Vehicles". They were observed along the Changi Coastal, ECP, and Kallang-Bishan park connectors this week.

Widespread and numerous along each of the PCNc, their appearance is the equivalent of a campaign. Good surfaces and greater connectivity have put more and faster moving cyclists on the shared path of our PCNs which also see walkers, joggers, children and skaters.

Lack of a specific figure suggests the advise may be about relative speed, which would be slower than 15km/h on crowded portions of the PCN and faster on empty stretches.

Cyclists are the fastest and heaviest objects on the PCNs. They should thus take the greatest care and look out for others users, the way we hope motorists behave towards us, on the road.

2015 01 25 12 43 17 HDR

2015 01 25 12 43  no motorised vehicles

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