Friday, June 17, 2011

"Rediscover the joy of cycling" with tokyobike, now in Singapore city

I chanced upon tokyobike, a boutique shop selling a Japanese, classically-styled (minimalist) lightweight bike designed for rides in Tokyo city. The elegant shop in Haji Lane is run by Jolyn, her hubby and his brother.

The designer spirit of the brothers had them fall in love with the bicycle when it was chanced upon in Tokyo. The feel of the bike spoke of a simplicity of childhood cycling - a bike free of a multitude of specs. To Jolyn, the bicycles tell us to "rediscover the joy of cycling"!


Now armed with a mechanic, the shop opened its doors two and a half weeks ago and sports five models including two ladies models (grip gear and lever gear), a sports model and a fixie, all in a multitude of colours. These are pricey steel bicycles, near $1,000 in cost but they are selling - to designer and artist types, apparently, who can’t resist the pretty bikes!

I can imagine liking a bike, but these joy of cycling advocates went on to setup a shop! Well, we now have yet another bicycle type to encourage some Singaporeans to return to the saddle they abandoned for too long.

Tokyobike Singapore is located at 38-01 Haji Lane, Singapore 189231. Closed on Mondays, otherswise open from 1pm to 8pm, and an hour earlier on Fri and Sat. Web - Facebook - Twitter.

Drop by for a visit - they are friendly and respond enthusiastically to the simplest of questions. Cyclists are welcome to take a pit stop, refill water and take a test ride. Mind you, there is plenty to distract you in Haji Lane, and not least a well-fed cat peering out of a shop window!

Haji Lane
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