Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Auto sales plunge to near 25-year lows

US auto sales
General Motors - down 45%
Toyota - down 29% 
Honda - down 25%
Nissan - down 33%

European auto sales 
Spain - down 40% 
Italy - down 19%

GM said this is the industry's worst month since the end of World War II.

I think this is a piece of good news for cyclist if it indicates a begining of a trend towards "less car".  I don't know about the auto sales in Singapore but would expect it is similar to US and Europe. 
Forced by the economic woe, people will start to question the basics such as the necessity of owning and driving a car; is there a better way? If you are one of the unfortunetely affected, let me encurage you to give cycling a try. I can assure you will be presently surprised (read the comments):
  • Instead of hardwork, cycling is energizing
  • Rather than slow, it is much faster than you think
  • No where to park? Cycling is a door to door solution
  • Weather is too hot? Not when you ride to work in the morning or back home in the evening.
  • It is not safe? Not as dangerous as you think, but there is room for big improvement- let's work on this.
I belive more and more people will be "forced" to be nicely surprised- when they start to test ride their bicycle for daily needs. It is not as difficult as they thought and the whole perception of driving everywhere is "convinient" will be changed.

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