Friday, October 10, 2008

Try cycling and be pleasantly surprised

A new post over at One Less Car (another local Singapore pro-bicycle commuting blog) makes a great point.

It refers to a study from the Netherlands which investigated drivers who were forced to use a bicycle when their car was being repaired. Most found cycling a lot better than they had expected: less effort, weather not as bad, faster door-to-door, etc.

One Less Car has a nice graphic and a link to the report where he got it.

Here in Singapore people usually ask me about the heat and rain and are amazed to find that a gentle 15 minute ride on flat ground hardly raises a sweat.

One Less Car also highlights the other big one - door-to-door speed - which is a lot faster than non-cyclists imagine. Almost always faster than bus. Sometimes faster than car if car parking is difficult.


thomask said...

besides graphs and testimonials, some people need to see it for themselves!

some friends in melbourne have been posting time lapse vids of their commutes.

note how they all beat the tram, and most of them beat the cars too.

cycle lanes help...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, before I did my road trip from Clementi to Tanjong Pagar back in 1996 because I couldn't find a good place to lock my bicycle, I didn't realize cycling as a transport is so feasible.

I think that video will scare people from cycling on road :)