Monday, November 10, 2008

LTA considering bicycle park/rental kiosks at MRT stations

"Bicycle kiosks at MRT stations," by Yeo Ghim Lay. The Strait Times, 04 Nov 2008.

THE Land Transport Authority (LTA) is considering building bicycle kiosks at MRT stations to encourage more people to cycle before making the rest of the journey by public transport.

LTA chief executive Yam Ah Mee on Tuesday said the LTA is studying the idea, and hopes to partner private vendors to provide the kiosks.

These kiosks might provide bicycle rental and bicycle washing services, besides giving cyclists a space to park their bicycles before they hop on a bus or train.

'Cyclists can be assured that their bikes are well taken of while they are away,' Mr Yam told reporters on the sidelines of the World Urban Transport Leaders Summit.

The inaugural three-day conference was officially opened by Transport Minister Raymond Lim on Tuesday morning. About 100 delegates, who include transport policy makers and academics from various countries, are attending.


Anonymous said...

The will have to stop the bike thieves before any scheme will work. People will steal anything. My beautiful 2 month old Gary Fisher Pink ladies bike just got stolen from 11th floor HDB stairwell in Marine Parade Road. They came to steal it as they cut the lock. Sick and angry.

Anonymous said...

I would never leave my bike anywhere where I couldn't see it in this country. Bike thievery is rampant - especially in the Marine Parade area. A friend of mine locked his bike to go quickly into MPSS, when he came out 5 minutes later there was someone trying to break his lock! When my friend confronted the guy he said he just walked off nonchalantly - like he was doing nothing wrong! The police should set up stings to catch these people and they should be caned! IMHO.

Chu Wa said...

I got three bicycle stolen - that's how I got interested in folding bikes back in 2003. Now my foldie is always with me, unless there is a safe storage to keep it (e.g. under my desk)

Anonymous said...

I think it is kind of a supply and demand problem :) I was in the Netherlands few years back and it seems bicycle thieves are common there too. Thus, similar to handphones, an approach is to regulate the reselling of used bikes and parts.

I have lost a number of bikes, but I would only consider one of them truly stolen, as it was just a few hours parking, while the others were parked for more than a day. However, my current bike have been with me over a decade :)

Recently at my block in TPY, the town people have been coming around to removed "obstructing" items. Thus, a bike in stairwell might have been "removed" instead of stolen :)

Regarding the kiosks, I wonder why need washing services for bicycles used for less than 30 mins ride to and from MRT stations daily?