Saturday, October 18, 2008

Better bicycle parking at MRT stations

MRT stations in Singapore's three main 'bicycle towns' should soon get bicycle parking better than this

The LTA has announced a pilot project to improve bicycle parking at three MRT stations by the 3rd quarter of 2009.

The new parking places will have basic weather protection and will NOT be the current 'wheel-bender' racks. Hooray!

Or maybe I should wait to see the design details before 'hooraying'? The LTA press release is not specific about the precise design of the new parking spots unfortunately. Does anyone know more?

A pilot project will be launched at Pasir Ris, Tampines and Yishun to build additional bicycle parking facilities that have an improved design. These new facilities will be located along the MRT viaducts near the MRT stations in these towns. The new facilities will allow cyclists the flexibility to lock their bicycles either at the frame or at the wheels, compared to the existing design which can be locked only at the wheels. They will also have basic shelters to protect against weather.

By the way, I noticed this item via the LTA's new Public Transport @ SG portal which is well worth a little look.

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Anonymous said...

How about adopting more considerate and responsible bicycle parking habits by bicycle owners?

Bicycle owners should NOT be parking & chaining their bikes anywhere such as against pipes/railings at lift lobbies and on streets. (

In my opinion, the number of bicycles should be curbed too (like cars). No point providing more free bicycle parking spots on the ground level of HDB flats, at MRT stations, near neighbourhood amenities such as supermarkets & shops since these free bicycle parking spots will ALWAYS never be enough to satisfy the EVER growing number of bicycles in Singapore.

Fines and community service should be imposed on inconsiderate and irresponsible bicycle owners so that they'll really learn to behave in a more socially responsible way.

Bicycles that are parked anywhere/anyhow serve to create an unsightly view in Singapore's heartland.