Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Bishan-Kallang Obstacle Course - "It feels like I spend more time off my bike than on it"

Bishan residents cycling to Singapore City enjoy the safe ride down south but lament at the obstacle course the park connector represents with its many overhead bridges. Kenneth Pinto writes in Zendogs 2.0, "It feels like I spend more time off my bike than on it."

Kallang PCN Obstacle Course

Perhaps this is manageable for a young man who is able to complete the NTU round-island Bike Rally, but we need to provide accessible cycling routes for all people along these park connectors. This is something LTA needs to look into.

We'll write.

See also Adrian Loo's, "Park Connector Ride – Bishan to Kallang waterside park." Lekowala, 13 Dec 2011, which we describes the ride in some details and highlights the crossings. This post was featured here earlier.

Update - Renamed this the Bishan-Kallang Obstacle Course on Sat 05 May 2012.


pantpant said...

So true. I rode on this several nights ago, expecting to enjoy my journey from Kallang to Bishan and back.

There were a lot of obstacles, the worst being the tall overhead bridges, at least 4 of them. While some of these bridges had narrow ramps on the sides for us to push our bikes on, I found those to be quite dangerous as the weight of the bike over the steep angle could easily throw us off balance. So I had to lug the 13kg bike up and down. It may sound funny, but it's no joke, seriously, no fun and then no strength.

To and fro, 8 bridges! If they were to build those wheelchair-friendly ramps, it would be less irksome, but the best would still be a continuous flat stretch.

Anonymous said...

I got up from Toa Payoh and went the Kallang direction few days back. Usually I would cycle towards Bishan direction and area. For the route towards Kallang there were too many obstacles. On the way there have to pass by multiple pedestrian crossings, bridges with no ramps etc etc. Not too dangerous but rather cumbersome as I had to alight many times or stop as compared to the bike trial towards Bishan.(only traffic light was when crossing to park 1/2)

thegeek said...

I wanted to commute to work via this PCN. My plan was to ride the MRT to kallang and cycle to Bishan. Seems like this is a tough course and will probably wear me out before I reach the office.

How convenient is this trail actually?