Thursday, March 08, 2012

Earth Hour promotion ride this Sunday

Earth Hour Singapore
Click to find out more about Earth Hour Singapore

In support of Earth Hour, a group of cyclists organised by Chu Wa of and WWF Singapore will be:

"riding through the beautiful Singapore River and Orchard road on the most eco-friendly transport device - the bicycle!

We will take loads of photos in the morning light, soak in the atmosphere, meeting people and help raise the awareness of Earth Hour.

  • 07:30am grouping at Lavender MRT (breakfast at Kopitiam next to Lavender MRT).
  • 08:30am start and ride along Singapore rivers
  • 10:00am Orchard Road (push bike),
  • 11:00am regroup at Plaza by the Park at Bras Bazah road for Tea/ Lunch.

You can sign up at their facebook page here and help to spread the word!

Earth Hour Promotion ride

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