Friday, March 30, 2012

Cycling blog - "Unfold and Cycle" by Diane

Unfold and Cycle is a cycling blog by foldie-enthusiast Diane, who is "currently using an apple green Brompton M6R as a commuter, a purple Peerless Aero-I as a market bike, and a power raspberry Express Tikit as a weekend ride."

In the most recent post, Diane talks about the brainstorming session conducted with NParks about the Round Island Route and adds, "..I say many MANY thanks to Bernard and his team, for dedicating their time and effort to push for these PCNs. It’s not just a job. They are activists in their own right."


Unfold and Cycle | Obsessing about anything with two wheels in general, and folding bikes in particular.
Thanks to Woon Taiwoon for the alert via facebook.

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