Saturday, December 24, 2011

Overhead bridges made easier

Our Park Connector Networks (PCN) are often isolated by overhead bridges which make it tough for leisure cyclists from enjoying the full potential of some these lovely PCN stretches.

Well, Adrian Loo blogged about his Park Connector Ride from Bishan to Kallang Waterside Park. He "had a most peaceful experience and importantly safe one, free from danger posed by traffic" on his new foldable bike, a Tern Link P9

Notices the grooves on either side of the steps on some overhead bridges. These make it easier for cyclists to push their bikes up a bridge instead of having to carry them the entire way.

Still, he says, "it will be tough for smaller kids to push their bikes or wheelchairs to cross the roads serviced by such bicycle-friendly overhead bridges."

Read about his PCN ride here. He features the rivers, scenery, maps and most importantly, a prata shop along this ride.

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