Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cyclist killed by van, another cyclist and a waiting driver injured at Senoko South Road

A van driver kills a cyclist, injures another cyclist and a waiting car driver along Senoko South Road.

Francis Chu and others in Love Cycling SG have written to Minister of Transport, Lui Tuck Yew. See the Facebook group "Safe Roads For People".

758078 - Google Maps

758078 - Google Maps
Senoko South Road
is a two lane-wide industrial road which typically has large vehicles parked alongside them.

Thanks to Taiwoon of smallwheelbigsmile for the scan of the TNP article.

Taiwoon also reproduces the road casualties statistic from the 2011 Yearbook on his blog.

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Unknown said...

Hello cycling in singapore. Do you think you can do Jude's family a favour by making this into a blogpost?

This is an appeal to cyclists/motorists/passer-bys who had possibly witnessed Jude Alphonsus Tan's accident on the 26th May 2012 along Changi Coastal Road around 9:30am.

If you had been at the scene and saw the accident, please do share an account with me as his family members are looking for answers. Contact me, Junchyi Seow, by leaving me a facebook personal message please.

Please help to spread this message. It is very important to all of us.

Thank you and regards,
Jun Chyi