Monday, May 14, 2012

"Why I Love To Ride My Bicycle" - Walter Lim on Coolest Insights

Walter Lim writes on Coolest Insights (07 Apr 2012),

Why I Love To Ride My Bicycle - Coolest Insights
Photo from Coolest Insights

"Beyond the green and health related reasons cited by numerous cycling fans - and that number is growing significantly by the day - my personal reason for embracing those frames, spokes and wheels is one that is more nostalgic in nature. As a kid and a teen, I used to ride my bicycle with my brother as well as friends in the lovely Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood where we lived. We ventured to places far and near, from the playgrounds in the estate to Ang Mo Kio to the Upper Serangoon and even Punggol area (back when it still had pig farms).

There were many adventures on two-wheels for a young boy back then. They range from those catastrophic falls with bloodied knees, hands and bodies as our bicycles freewheeled down steep and sharp corners, to "spy missions" where we "visited" certain interesting houses in the estate that had fierce dogs, fascinating aviaries full of parrots, macaws and other exotic "birds"."

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Alex said...

I remember riding as a kid - we used to get up to all sorts of stuff like that too. Now I mostly ride to get to work - which is not as fun, but with all the money I save by bike commuting, I can do other fun things instead.