Friday, January 21, 2011

Survey: Cycling in Singapore by Zing Lim

From Zing Lim:
Hello! This is a survey about cycling in Singapore. Whether you already cycle, don't cycle or cannot cycle, I'd like to hear from you. I’m trying to measure the latent demand for cycling as a form of transport.

Not many people here cycle for transport. Too hot? Roads unsafe? No bike? Just don’t like cycling? And if we could change certain things, would you cycle for transport? Tell me and tell me why.

This survey is online and takes about 20 mins. Whether you like cycling or not, please share your honest opinion. And when you’re done, please pass the survey to your friends! Every response counts.

Here's the link:

Many thanks,
Zing Lim


thomask said...

Hi Zing,

Is this going to form part of an official report or thesis? Or just a personal interest thing? What will you do with the responses?

Some more information might encourage more people to complete the survey.


zing said...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the feedback, remiss of me to have left out the end point of the survey! It's all explained on the linked website, but I should've included it in this post as well.

It started out as my Master's thesis but I've kept it going out of personal interest and in hope of making it relevant to public policy.

In the short term I plan to update my thesis with more responses and better analysis. In the long term I hope to use it to promote the integration of cycling into transport planning in Singapore.

I realise I sound rather like the civil servant that I am, but I hope this makes things more clear!