Monday, August 09, 2010

Have foldable bike will travel (on PCN)

The Park Connector Network in Singapore has opened up safe route to cyclists like never before. These traffic-free paths are safe for cyclists who just need keep an eye open for pedestrians and the mostly few intersections with traffic. Their increasing pervasiveness provides not only safe commuting and leisure cycling opportunities but also the joy of touring Singapore much like you would as a tourist in a foreign land.

Park Connector Network

Meanwhile, foldable bikes have offered space-scarce Singaporeans the solution to owning and transporting bicycles. Some are small enough to be allowed on the MRT during off-peak hours while others are simply convenient for storage. Foldables are so popular, neighbourhood shops are offering cheap versions for the casual cyclist.

This combination may help the rise of cycling as a leisure and commuting option for Singaporeans. Enough for me to spout, "have foldable bike will travel".

Ivan Chew, the Rambling Librarian, exemplifies this. I was heartened when he sent me news about his $135 bicycle purchase and subsequent exploration of Mandai:

"I bought foldable bike at my neighbourhood bike shop on 22 July 2010. The bike is a relatively cheap China production but construction and workmanship isn't shoddy. It cost me $182, including $47 accessories like a side handlebar mirror and 2 lights.

I suspect it's a blatant ripoff of a Dahon foldable bike but still, this meets my needs."


"I bought the bicycle because I saw the Mandai PCN from a bus one evening. I had thought to myself that I can finally cycle out of Yishun, safely on a PCN. So I took it for a test-ride the next evening at about 9.30pm.

I rode the Khatib Bongsu PCN, starting from Yishun Park to junction of Yishun Ave 1 & 2, and then rode towards a new Mandai PCN that is not yet reflected on the NParks map. I rode this all the way to the Seletar Expressway flyover.

Park Connector Network - Yishun-Mandai

Then I hit Mandai Ave all the way to the turning point towards Mandai Crematorium. By this time it was edging towards midnight (work day next morning) so I decided to turn home. I am crossing my fingers we'll see the PCN fully connected in 5 year's time.

I'm not confident enough to cycle on the roads. But I don't like crowding pedestrians on paths (I'm a pedestrian most times!) So the PCN is REALLY a boon. NParks really scored big with me. And you can quote me on this :)"
Ivan Chew's foldable bicycle tucked away
Happy National Day everyone!
NDP 2010

Ivan Chew's response here.


Ivan Chew said...

And I say again: THANK YOU, Nparks. There are just so many positive spin-offs from the PCNs. I'm exercising regularly from cycling; I'm sure my $200 helped the economy in some way; I'm discovering previously unnoticed places in my neighbourhood... :) Personally, I'd rate the PCN just as important as the HDB Lift Upgrading Programmes.

Anonymous said...

me 2 just bought a foldable bike... the design is same as yours..trying to mob it a little so that it wun look so

Unknown said...

I love the PCN too even though my bike bike is a road bike. I go from hybrid to alu road bikes and now to carbon ones with aero wheels! But I never leave the safe sanctuary of the PCN. Agree that NPARKS scores big on this one. Thumbs up