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Bicycle rides in Pengerang, south-eastern Johor, Malaysia

Nestled in the south-eastern-most tip of the State of Johor lies Pengerang – a popular cycling getaway for Singaporean cyclists seeking kampung trails, offroad tracks, open spaces, low traffic roads and hilly roads amidst the quiet charm of a rural, lowly-populated area. Oh and some cheap and great food.

The Penegerang, Tenggara and Kota Tinggi areas collectively make up the Kota Tinggi District.
How well do you know the place names
of our immediate neighbour?

A $12 (one-way) 45-60 mins bumboat ride with your bicycle from Changi Point Ferry Terminal brings you to the new Tanjong Pengelih Jetty Complex and Public Marina which opened on 16 May 2009. From the jetty, a serene ride and Malaysian food awaits you - you'll just need your passport and some ringgit. But be sure to get back to this jetty by 2pm, unless you have chartered a boat.

Singaporean groups typically also visit the area for kelong stays and fishing. Many blog about their getaways from the rabid pace of life in Singapore and Arson and Arsenic has a great Pengerang post from 2008.

Tanjung Pengelih Jetty is merely the start of a ride of any variation of destinations and terrain which cyclists may simply refer to as "Pengerang". So find out exactly the sort of ride you are invited to before you embark on one! Examples of variations include:
  • Sungei Rengit 40km = about 2/3 kampung roads and 1/3 main road
  • Sungei Rengit 50km = 30km offroad + 20km main road
  • Tanjung Ramunia 60km = kampung roads and main road
  • Desaru 100km = main road loop
Pengerang, 2002

My cycling kakis, Zendogs and some friends, last rode there on Sun 13 Oct 2002. I remember a blazing sun and according to my old log, the distances covered were:
  • 11am - Pengarang Jetty to Sg Rengit: 26.11 km (1:34:51), Avs 16.5 km/h
  • 2.30pm - Sg Rengit to Pengarang Jetty: 17.71km (0:52:25), Avs 20.2km/h

The ride to Sungei Rengit was longer as we went offroad through some plantations, new roads, saw a spill or two and examined the belukar in the area. Definitely a ride to recommend cyclists from Singapore!

Pengerang, 2002

Despite the allure of the ride, it took me almost eight years before I returned. Meanwhile, the PCN arose in Singapore and foldable bicycles have become popular and may represent a space-saving commuting option which will make the bicycle popular once again - and see more riders head out to Pengerang.

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