Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foldies on a National Day 45km PCN sprint from Changi Village to Fort Road

A couple of guys on their foldable bicycles sprint the 45km from Changi Village to Fort Road along the Coastal Park Connector after a leisurely breakfast on National Day. The reason for the pace? Car park coupons were expiring!

The blog post and video is by Kevin Lim on a Birdy, the "guy in yellow" is Kenneth Pinto on a Dahon. I love the smooth uninterrupted ride and the demonstration of the joy a foldable bike can bring to a couple of bus an car commuting dudes.

The video has been sped up to only take 10 mins. Click to read on...

Happy National Day everyone!
NDP 2010

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Unknown said...

Very nice idea :)
I'm new to Singapore and interested in renting a bike and cycle around the island. Could you gimmi a hind where to rent a propper bike at an affordable rate?