Monday, February 25, 2013

RazorTV: multi-modal commuting: foldies and MRT/bus

"Bumpy ride for bike commuters" [04:27]. RazorTV, 24 Feb 2013
"Have you ever wanted to ride your bike to the MRT station, board the train with it, then ride home or to the office? Well, there are Singaporeans who have been doing just that, but it isn't all smooth riding for these so-called multi-modal commuters. Find out the challenges they face when they go bike-train-bike."

"Cyclists want bikes allowed on trains during peak hours" [04:03]. RazorTV, 24 Feb 2013

"According to avid bike commuters, the best way to encourage more people to pick up this method of commuting is to extend the hours for bringing folding bicycles onto trains. Find out what tops the wishlist of commuting cyclists in Singapore."

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