Friday, February 01, 2013

Motorcyclists and cyclist in collision at Bedok North Ave 3

"Another cyclist involved in road accident on Wed." AsiaOne, 31 Jan 2013.

SINGAPORE - In the wake of the tragic accident which killed two young boys on Monday, another road accident involving a cyclist was reported on Wednesday.

According to the Shin Min Daily News, the accident between a bicycle and a motorcycle occurred yesterday evening at about 5.30pm around Bedok North Ave 3.

An eyewitness told the Chinese daily that she saw the motorcycle colliding with the bicycle.

The cyclist, believed to be a man in his 50s, as well as the male motorcyclist, who looked to be in his 20s, laid by the side of the road in pain after the collision. The wheels of the bicycle appeared to be badly mangled.

The motorcyclist was ferrying a 8-year-old boy riding pillion at the time. The boy was seen sitting on the pavement with a dazed expression, Shin Min reported.

The eyewitness said a crowd of about 20 on-lookers gathered, with 4 or 5 offering their assistance the two men who were injured.

According to the police, the two men were conveyed while conscious to the Changi General Hospital, while the boy was sent to KK Women's and Children's hospital.
Investigations are on-going.

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