Monday, December 19, 2011

SSC's Safe Cycling Guide ver ?2011

I dropped in LTA's Responsible Cycling webpage and saw the link to the Singapore Sports Council's Safe Cycling Guide.

I have archived a copy here. This version, which I am guessing was published in 2011, is a more concise version of the 2009 booklet (36 pages versus 48 pages). A comparison of the covers provides an indication of the feel of the booklet - the first, 2009 version used soothing colours and had a more recreational-cyclist feel. The new guide is sporty-looking which might be a deliberate slant for the intended audience.

How necessary is this? I coordinated natural history guided bicycle tour of Pulau Ubin annually for 12 years (Pedal Ubin) and the participants would have been happy to have been pointed to this before the ride. Flip through the guide yourself to see if you would have remembered to advise a novice cyclist about all aspects reflected here before setting out on a bicycle ride; the reminders are always helpful.

I'm glad its out there and that like Taiwoon says in "small wheel big smile", am glad there is a cycling tab LTA's portal. Eventually we'll build towards something like that of the Toronto's Cycling Safety page!

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