Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Cycling must be a key part of Singapore’s future"

tk has penned a guest essay about bicycle policy in Singapore over at Yawning Bread which has succinctly expressed many opinions shared by readers here.

tk discusses the diversity of cyclists, identifies the maor problems on the road, puts forward coherent arguments for cycling and discusses cycling infrastructure and how to cheaply improve it. With Yawning Bread's high readership, this will raise an understanding of the issues.

"...the same anger toward cyclists is not evidently being directed toward the large numbers of motorists colliding with each other or with more vulnerable road users, causing far greater damage..."
"...complaints about cyclists all stem from the same cause – no unique space has been set aside for them, so they’ve carved out their own. This fight for space is going on in every major city around the world..."
"In the global competition to attract talented professionals (and and retain young Singaporeans), more and bigger hotels, shopping malls and casinos are not going to cut it. Singapore needs to start offering more “quality of life” assets, including cycling infrastructure."

Go ahead, read the article, and when you are done, do your bit to circulate it to friends via facebook or email. "Cycling must be a key part of Singapore’s future," by tk. Guest essay at Yawning Bread, 14 Sep 2011.

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Thanks Siva. A very good read.