Monday, September 19, 2011

Moving Planet Singapore features "National Mobilisation" - cycle down to town, Sat 24 Sep 2011

Moving Planet - Cycle Down to Town
In order to promote cycling in town, we will be working with the various partners and community leaders to mobilise people in Singapore to cycle to town on the day itself to orchard road for a concert performed by young aspiring artistes.

The expected turn out of cyclists to the event would be 300 cyclists ranging from teens to mature cyclists.

In order to entice and encourage cycling, we would be providing free basic bicycle maintenance services and a clinic among other family outreach programmes. We will also allocate bicycle parking spots with security measures to ensure cyclists can have fun while being in town for the event.

Free Bicycle Parking space available from 10am – 10pm

See Moving Planet Singapore.

  • Bicycle Clinic Workshops by Safe Cycling Singapore
  • Bicycle Engraving Services
  • Mountain Bike Obstacles Performances (You can join too!)
  • Learn about good cycling habits
  • Free Bicycle Parking all day
  • Environmental Exhibitions
  • Take picture and contribute to Singapore Millions Acts of Green

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

unfortunately my safe routes from home to town are blocked by F1 road closures & the imprisonment of public spaces by all the F1 circuit fencing & barriers. there are alternative routes but with much heavier & faster traffic...unless i cycle on the pavement.

on the bright side, must say that holding this 'green transport' activity during the F1 is an interesting way of thumbing one's nose at a most extravagant 'un-green' event!