Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is Everyday Traffic?

The open facebook group Everyday Traffic is "a discussion portal and a resource portal for all things transport and traffic. "

Everyday Traffic

A discussion portal is welcome news for cycling, especially one which regular folk can participate in easily. Facebook has facilitated participation well beyond blog-reading regulars for most things, so this is a promising venue.

Everyday Traffic is managed and moderated by Tham Chen Munn, the director of Traffic and Transport Consultancy Services at McCormick Rankin Cagney, a transportation consultancy, Chen Munn is also the Vice President for Leisure & Safety with the Singapore Amateur Cycling Association.

This site hopes to encourage awareness and discussion amongst the transport community -planners, developers, architects, students, engineers, journalists, policy-makers, good drivers, bad drivers, etc. By taking into the larger, relevant issues on transport, cycling discussions avoid 'us vs them' limitations and contribute coherently to awareness and fuel action.

Admittedly this is as ephemeral as any other facebook page - while well suited for an ongoing conversation, we can’t link to specific discussions and trawling through the archives is only possible linearly.

So treat it as a source of conversation and Chen Munn promises a FRIDAY FRIENDLY FEUD, a current affairs topic he will moot related to traffic for everyone can pitch in ther five cents worth! This was simulated by a diverse yet constructive discussion on the feasibility of a helmet law for bicycles on 8th April 2011. Hop over to take a look!

Everyday Traffic - helmet law?

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