Saturday, April 30, 2011

RIP Paul, 29 Apr 2011

More sad news - on Fri 29 Apr 2011, Woon Taiwoon wrote on his blog, smallwheelbigsmile about another cyclist who died:

"Paul, the legend and super nice guy. I met him several times on sunday rides and the last being the HP alumni Japan Charity ride..where I had an honor to try his moulton and we chatted along the ride.... and made the decision to buy one... was so looking forward to show him.....
But today morning...Paul was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver this morning at ECP and has sadly passed on. "

See "Goodbye Paul, RIP, I will miss u!"

RIP Paul.

Thanks for the alert, Kenneth.

Note Taiwoon clarifies in the comments that Paul was sitting in a van driven by his friend. Heading towards Changi Ferry Terminal for a Sedili ride, they were rear-ended by a drunk driver.


Taiwoon said...

hi Siva, To clarify, Paul was sitting in a Van drove by his friend. They were heading towards Changi ferry terminal for a ride to Sedili. And the van they were driving was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The van driver was ok, but brother Paul did not make it....

thomask said...

My condolances to Paul's family and friends.

Let's hope the driver gets more than the $7000 fine (and 3 weeks jail?) given to the bus driver who killed that Indonesian maid while she was crossing at the pedestrian lights.

$7000! It's no wonder the standard of driving is so bad, and flouting road rules (such as drink driving and speeding) is so common - the punishments are laughably lax.

Though I do wonder if that 'mere' maid had instead been a minister, or member of the Lee family, whether the punishment would have been quite so mild...

Anonymous said...

Many innocent lives have been lost and many suffered permenant injuries because of drunk drivers.

It is time that we petition our MPs to support and enact tougher laws to deter drunk drivers from driving.

We must appeal to the police to conduct more frequent checks to catch all these irresponsible drunk drivers. From: George.