Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From the comments: "dotted line on the road" to gauge safe gaps for cyclists

From the comments:

Rod said...

"Yea im a teen and i enjoy cycling and its true i believe LTA should Draw some kind of dotted line on the road to allow cars to gauge how big the gap is to overtake a cyclist so its safer that way."

Back2Nature said...
"I think Rod's idea is simple and effective. Hope this can be done.
  • 1) It supports the current driving lesson and raise the awareness to drivers who may missed or have forgotten about how to safely over take bicycles.

  • 2) It is cheap. A very sparsely spaced, e.g. 20m gaps, dashed line will do. Can start from heavy bicycle traffic roads first.

  • 3) It is technically and legally not a cycling lane. Thus, it doesn't go against LTA's [wrong] argument on space limitation.

  • 4) It should encourage more to ride on roads, thus may eventually create the demand/reason/rationale/need/etc. for the authority to start converting some of these into proper cycling lanes."

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totobobo said...

only cyclist can come up with such brilliant idea.
LTA should encourage staff to cycle to work. I am sure they too will come up with many innovative and practical ideas once they try cycling on the roads they have help to built.