Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cycling turns calories into fitness

Round island cycling
Group of 60 to 84 on round Singapore island cycling trip

It's refreshing to read in the news that a group of 60-84 is on a cycling trip around Singapore (140km). This is a great demonstration that cycling produce fit people. I recall the days in Holland seeing old folks cycling along the high street, occasionally stopping by the shops, buying breakfast or have a coffee. Street is safe and lively. Most of the older colleague I know are rather fit and active. On my first week started work there, I was surprised to see so many old folks in the Saturday market. "This is a really ageing society!" I thought. Later I realise, most of their elderly are much more active compare to people of similar age in Hong Kong. They keep cycle to shop everyday.

I remember one day I was surprised to find a drawing of a 14 meters boat on my colleague's drafting table. Tinus, my colleague, is a TV designer and is about to retire at the age of 65. He was looking forward to his retirement and is planning to built his own boat!

Research find people bicycling daily is physically 10 years younger than their inactive peer, generally living a more enjoyable and productive life. I saw so many people riding a bicycle to work everyday. It is no surprise that the ageing population in Holland is also the fittest.

I look forward to see the establishment of the first cycling town in Tampenis to be followed by the rest of Singapore. Imagine the productivity gain if most Singaporean become 10 years younger physically, thanks to frequent cycling to work? I am sure the happiness index will increase too, due to higher productivity and sense of self-worthiness.

I am 62 years old and I cycle every day 30 km. to my job in a factory,
Harry van Veen, 62, with 3 grandchildren and 2 dogs on his bike. he cycle 30km to his work

Tampines cycling town
Tampines is the first cycling town in Singapore everyday

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