Monday, June 15, 2009

More numbers on safety in numbers

On 6 June I wrote about the safety-in-numbers effect.

There are some more numbers corroborating the effect from London, Copenhagen and the Netherlands. See this post on the "How we drive" blog.


sonnylo said...

Hello everyone. Hai how do I start? I have taken up cycling again after so many years and NOW noticed that the government have made many cycle tracks - connectors etc... to really prmote lifestyle and healthy living BUT unfortunately I belief that MORE can be done done about this.
Let me site two occasions with my experience in the 3 months that I started cycling.
1. This first incident occurs when I was cycling at East Coast park. I passed Macdonalds complex and noticed that there are alot of "Zebra crossings" and what happened was there was a bucnh of youngsters crossing one of them and I noticed that they were closing their eyes without due respect that there were so many cyclist passing by?? I crashed into them because they knowing that there were so many traffic did not look and making sure that the main lane was clear before crossing. What we learnt in school was - STOP/LOOK/LOOK when Clear -GO"
2. Second incident somw two weeks ago involves cyclist - I am still limping because of this. This young girl cycling with a family of 4 - I was about to overtake them,she suddenly turned 90degrees right into my path. I crashed into her and fell with many bruises up yo to-day.
3. I also noticed that there are cycling/roller blading track and also the pedestrain track - some how these are all mixed-up by all users!!! i.e. Cyclist used pedestrain tracks/pedetrains uses the cycling track and so on???
On a week end there are many amny people using the East Coast Park and if you cycle further to Changi Village it is the same. I think this is contributed by the relaxing of the CAMPING SITES.
I seroiusly think that the government should really do an education program on TV/Medias ect... Just like our old days when they do the LITTERING / SPEAK MANDARIN campaigns.
Should have a campaign to educate all users about what to do in the park when there are many mixed activities. Mesage should be - SAFETY and RESPECT for all users!!!

I rest my case.
Sonny Lo

Sivasothi said...

Think you could try cycling more slowly in ECP.

Back2Nature said...

I think you cycle in a lawfully correct manner and expect other to do likewise. However, it is more important to cycle in a safely correct manner and assume other will not do likewise. Thus, the objective is to avoid incident by acting safely.

Sivasothi said...

Ha-ha, well summarised. Yes, cycle safely and assume others will not behave safely is my motto on the road and in the parks.

And I think ECP is a great place to get training for that. Young cyclists who change directions suddenly, people in wrong lanes, bladers who spread out or U-turn suddenly.