Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ride of Silence Singapore report

The Singapore Ride of Silence last night had a great turnout and was a lot of fun! There was festive atmosphere at the Merlion as everyone waited their turn to set out.

It was wonderful to feel the safety-in-numbers effect of riding in a large group.

My group had about 40 and there was little choice but to claim a whole lane (but only one!). Singapore law does not condone riding two or more abreast but it seemed the safest approach with such a group. It quickly became obvious that tempting motorists to squeeze into the lane with us was a bad idea. Fortunately, the motorists around us seemed to accept this and mostly behaved very patiently. The ride was all on multi-lane roads and the peak traffic seemed to be over so I saw no congestion resulting from the ride. I was at the front and tried friendly waves to as many passing motorists as possible with a mouthed 'thank you' and got a few thumbs up signals back.

Mr Brown has a report too and estimates 400 riders, which was about my guess too. The Joyriders were carefully counting so I guess we will hear the real number sooner or later.

Otterman (Sivasothi on this list) has a report with a couple of video clips of groups on Holland Rd.

Well done Joyriders and Benoit for organising the event and for getting so much positive press coverage.

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