Friday, February 13, 2009

LTA: $43 million programme for dedicated cycling tracks

NewsRadio 93.8FM reports (12 Feb 2009):

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Teo Ser Luck told members of parliament that the Land Transport Authority will roll out a $43 million programme to design and construct dedicated cycling tracks next to pedestrian footpaths in HDB estates.

" Where there is enough space, these tracks will be physically separate from the footpaths, allowing cyclists to have a truly dedicated path. In more restricted areas, the tracks will be joined to the existing pedestrian footpath but they will have painted markings clearly defining and identifying them for cyclists, like what you see in our park connectors. "

Mr Teo said the first phase of the programme will cover five towns -- namely Tampines, Yishun, Sembawang, Pasir Ris and Taman Jurong.

In Tampines, the LTA will start building 6.9 kms of cycling tracks from the second half of this year onwards, at the estimated cost of $4.7 million.

Mr Teo said the next town will be Yishun, where the LTA will work with the HDB to extend existing tracks.

He said 7.5 kms of cycling tracks will be constructed from 2010 onwards, at a cost of $6.3 million.

Sembawang, Pasir Ris and Taman Jurong are also working with the LTA to design similar cycling tracks.

Mr Teo expressed hope that more towns could be added in the future.

See also Sandra Leong's lifestyle article in The Sunday Times from 16 Dec 2007 for a taste of park conenctors linking heartlands: "Great escape."


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't just design and build, but also have budget and plan on EDUCATION.

I also hope the next plan is to improve cycling on roads, if not possible then on pavements, between towns.

Sivasothi said...

One step at a time I guess and remember there were valid arguments against this as well. So its important to be able to take time time to congratulate them on this step.

Your point about budgeting for education is worth raising now though, so do drop a note to the minister.

Singapore Short Stories said...

its great news for all cyclists!

kobinata said...

Really good step. That's how bicycles are used in every day life. Hope that will be connected through park connectors or other means to make Singapore a cyclable island.

kobinata said...

just read the rest of the LTA press release:
"to ensure the safety and comfort of commuters, while catering to the needs of cyclists"
Why do LTA oppose cyclists and commuters? Never occurred to them that cyclists could be commuting and commuters could be cycling? Can LTA invest some of its budget to send their staff to Netherlands or other countries where cycling is not considered a suspicious marginal activity but a desirable low impact transportation mean?

kobinata said...

3rd and last
A beautiful love story between a "cyclist" and a "commuter". The bike on the train is not the center of the plot. It needs not be.