Saturday, July 05, 2008

Park Connector Networks - Singeo provides Google Maps/Earth derivations

In my last post highlighting NParks new page for the Park Connector Networks, most savvy-users would have realised the lack of ability to manipulate manipulation teh maps significantly nor any linkage to Google Maps and the litany of advantages that provides including the ability to download data to Google Earth.

So I asked for help and SinGeo poked around and found the coordinates for the entire in the page source. Its something I have been using for park locations (see Habitatnews). In this case he grabbed the polylines and plotted them on both Google Maps and Google Earth - go fetch like I did. It will help with your own maps.

Do note that these park connector polylines were not new plots but a downlaod from NParks. This means its approximate for the most part. Do help to refine them if you can. - Google Maps


Anonymous said...

Ulu Pandan PCN and Jurong PCN are now linked. If you cycle on the UluPandan PCN to Toh Guan Rd/PIE flyover, there is a branch that splits north (to Bt Batok) and another branch heading west (sign says to Jurong Central Park). This joins up to the Jurong PCN, tracking generally Boon lay Way.

Anonymous said...

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Johnny said...

is there a PCN connecting tampines and Pungol? Can anyone help.

Unknown said...

PCN from Tampines to Punggol, you can find your way to pasir ris then go to lorong halus a nice country side ride with a lot of dog farms and some loose dogs(hahah0 you can get to the waste land at lor halus and you get a bridge to punggol.... hv fun