Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"...re-looking the humble bicycle as something for everyone." - Transport Minister Raymond Lim

"Sustainable if costs don’t tip the scales." Today Online, 29 Jul 2008. [WS Link]

"IN A picture-perfect Singapore, environmentally speaking, people would cycle not just to the nearest MRT station but between towns; all homes would use energy-saving appliances; buildings would be "green" and solar panels would power our lives.

...what kind of green initiatives would be worth going the distance for?

This is what the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development wants Singaporeans to think about and give their views on, with its launch of www.sustainablesingapore.gov.sg yesterday.

Sustainable Singapore

"One achievable goal, said Mr Lim, is re-looking the humble bicycle as something for everyone. To promote bicycles as a mode of transport between towns, more parking facilities could be added at MRT stations. “It’s a shift in the way we look at cycling,” he said."

See also: "Wanted: Public's ideas for a greener Singapore," by Tania Tan. The Straits Times, 29 Jul 2008.


Unknown said...

!I think it is cool they are re-looking the humble bicycle but I don't just want to ride between towns. I want to ride DOWNtown.

Still more bike racks at MRT stations will be welcome. I am having trouble FINDING the bike racks at my nearest MRT station as it is.

Back2Nature said...

Actually, they can skip looking at the feasibility of using bicycle as I and many others have already been doing so for years. They could just jump to look at how to facilitates 10 or more times the number of cyclists on roads currently.