Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not just cyclists

In "Neither man nor machine," (28 Feb 2008), Arson and Arsenic writes,

"While I will agree with most of these letters about the specific irresponsible individuals they encountered, it also shows how Singaporeans are intolerant and discriminating towards others. There is a clear lack of understanding between various socio-economic groups in Singapore.

I got a more poignant view of this situation because I have just began motorcycle lessons, and forays into motorcycle forums in Singapore.


I have written that car drivers in Singapore do not treat bicycle riders as equals on the roads here. And having gotten a closer look at motorcycle riders, I believe that they feel similarly treated."

Read his blog post to discover why.


Peiya said...

Hi there, i am a local leisure cyclist and i happen to chance upon WheelsAreTurning website which then leads me to your blog. I find the activities wheelsareturning organised interesting, may i know if the organization still exists? If so, i'd very much like to participate.


Sivasothi said...

Hey PY, you can join WheelsAreTurning. We went dormant for awhile but are reviving.