Thursday, March 06, 2008

NTU Bike Rally, 1st June 2008

This event by NTU Sports Club is easily the best round island cycling event in Singapore. The 128km event is non-competitive and provides multiple rest points against a backdrop of safety measures for fit but new riders to cope with distance. This year there are two start points to include a new shorter distance. Sign up here!



Back2Nature said...

Hey, I thought it was stopped after a fatal accident (NOT during the round island event) few years back? I participated in the one, that was almost canceled, I heard.

It is nice to know that there is one this year :)

Sivasothi said...

You are referring to Kroxy - that was truly a tragedy. I still think of him each year at the round island ride and when I pass Jalan Bahar.

He promoted cycling in NTU and was the last man on that ride when he was killed in Sep 2003 just before turning in to NTU.

The NTU Round island carried on in Feb 2004. I am glad the administration let the students continue with the ride because they had their very well planned safety measures in place.

In fact Kroxy Senior (his dad) wished us a safe ride in the togoparts forum before the ride.

I've already registered for this year's ride.