Thursday, August 03, 2006

Singapore's Bike Boutique gaining attention

On Sunday 30 July an article by Dawn Tan in the Straits Times highlighted the use of bicycles for commuting to work in Singapore. (no link sorry subscribers only)

It was a positive article, with nice profiles of real cycle commuters and their experiences. It also mentioned some of the difficulties, like high-speed traffic.

The article featured an interesting business in the city centre, The Bike Boutique, that offers extra services for bike commuters, like showers, secure parking, etc... or what they like to call "Bike Lodging". The Bike Boutique has also been noticed by Sydney bicycle blog Spinopsys! Take a look!

The Bike Boutique folks have also set up a website to promote bicycle commuting which is worth a look too.

Must get down to check them out and have a chat.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to inform my readers of such a great iniative Paul, it's important in that it shows leadership on these issues come from all parts of the world, not just our little (big!) patch of brown dirt.

And with communications making the world smaller, the influences from other parts of the world make it feel like they are just across the road.

Say hi to the guys at the Boutique for me when you visit, if I ever get to Singapore it'll be a mandatory stop.

I'm also glad to have found your blog, needless to say it's now a part of my feeds.