Monday, August 14, 2006

On-line bicycle map service

UPDATE: I recently heard of a new mapping site It looks very promising and already has a few Singapore routes! Check it out and add your own favourite routes - it is easy.

WorldChanging blog highlights a new development in the US.

We're pro-bike here, but we do recognize that there are a myriad of challenges bikers face getting around their cities. One of those challenges is just figuring out the most bike-friendly route between where you are and where you want to be. As every biker knows, the difference between riding on street with bike lanes, sensible traffic calming and good safety measures and a sidewalk-less arterial full of speeding cars and road-raging drivers can be the difference between arriving relaxed and on time, or perhaps not arriving at all.

ByCycle is working to create interactive biking maps for North American cities.

We have talked before about our dreams for better information in Singapore to help us find bicycle-friendly routes (here, here and here).

And more official effort here to increase the number of friendly routes would be nice too!

NParks has been leading the way with the Park Connector program and certain Town Councils (like Pasir Ris and Tampines) have shown some interest.

Biking on the roads in Singapore is not as bad as you might think but we need a lot more bike friendly, traffic calmed streets in between the isolated park connectors. In fact, this may be the only way we will ever be able to link all the park connectors up. Any interest LTA?


CD said...


I know there was a great interest in cycling in the East Coast of Singapore as well. Several of my friends staying in East Coast go cycling every weekend. Perhaps this could contribute to the online cycling map.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just in case that you would like to have two tools on one site, check out my homepage: like bikeley, there you can add your own tracks, but also archive time and distance of your "exercsies" :)
This is the link:

Mail me if you got any further question! Greetings from Hamburg,

Paul Barter said...

I just noticed that the Bikely service for Singapore just got much better.

We used to only have the satellite images to work with, since Google maps had not yet provided street mapping. However, the street mapping is now here.

This makes using Bikely for Singapore routes much easier than it was before.

Unknown said...

For the most extensive and detailed bike routes in Singapore, check out this bike movement started in Singapore

Great new cycling routes from home to workhave been updated.

Right now there are more then 50 routes from North, East, West and South Singapore into the Central Business District.

Anonymous said...

hey ...
i m interested to learn makin stunt and not just cycling on the bicycle only.

does anyone knows any lessons or classes for beginner to learn??

Anonymous said...

Check out This could be set up for Singapore.