Monday, September 15, 2003

Safe Riding and Park Connectors

I registered at togoparts the Singapore cycling community's webpage, to post my condolences to Alvin (a.k.a. Kroxy) Ho's friends and family. It's been a sombre day.

It seems Alvin was hit from behind, nothing much you do about that. But it prompted a review of unsafe riding many had witnessed. As some talked generally about cycle lanes and classes to teach safer riding, I added:

"I feel cyclists would profit from the sort of basic training - theory and practical - that motorcyclists go through, at the very least. I ride on roads regularly and find I have to apply a lot of strategies to survive the ride. The lack of skills my friends potray shock me. Some are skilled offroad but traffic-riding is another story. Of the bunch, only one or two are road-worthy. Same impression at mass ride events."

I profited a lot from the philosphy of safe riding imparted to trainees when I took my motorbike Class 2B ages ago. I wish cyclists had something like that to turn to.

I am doubtful we will ever have the bliss of cycle lanes. My best hope is the Park Connector network. Another 120km by 2015. It's "a challenge" not a promise. We have to see that it happens somehow, all of us.

First posted in Otterman speaks.

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