Monday, September 15, 2003

NTU undergrad cyclist killed by suspected drunk driver

A friend of mine saw the news footage last night. Blood was splattered near a bus stop at Jalan Bahar.

"He was the last man in the group because it was his duty to ensure the safety of the other 20 or so participants." - Straits Times, 15 Sep 2003

Poor chap. Biking advocate. Only son. Friendly and humble chap from condolences at togoparts. Gone just like that.

A cyclist or pedestrian is easy prey for an errant driver. While pleased that most of my cycling kakis are now well lit on roads and wear helmets these days, we would still need a miracle to survive a rear hit by an errant driver. Drunk drivers should lose their right to drive forever, even after a long spell in jail.

Ride safe everyone. Hope you are at peace now, Alvin Boey.

See The Straits Times> report and Togoparts Forum.

First posted in Otterman speaks (post date refreshed to 2005 after correction to surname; press had mistakenly called him Alvin Ho; his cousin corrected the error in Togoparts).

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