Monday, January 26, 2015

No Speeding (cyclists) and No Motorised Vehicles banner campaign in PCNs

The Park Connector Network guides on the NParks webpage state that cyclists should "Keep within the speed limit of 15km/h".

Now there are banners along several NParks' PCNs with two messages, "No Speeding" with a bicycle icon and "No Motorised Vehicles". They were observed along the Changi Coastal, ECP, and Kallang-Bishan park connectors this week.

Widespread and numerous along each of the PCNc, their appearance is the equivalent of a campaign. Good surfaces and greater connectivity have put more and faster moving cyclists on the shared path of our PCNs which also see walkers, joggers, children and skaters.

Lack of a specific figure suggests the advise may be about relative speed, which would be slower than 15km/h on crowded portions of the PCN and faster on empty stretches.

Cyclists are the fastest and heaviest objects on the PCNs. They should thus take the greatest care and look out for others users, the way we hope motorists behave towards us, on the road.

2015 01 25 12 43 17 HDR

2015 01 25 12 43  no motorised vehicles

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Vince said...

It is good that Nparks has such rules. It is not always followed though. I'm a jogger. I see cyclists speeding quite often. The worst thing is , a few individuals have BIKE RAGE tendencies. They will scold you or ring their bells incessantly when cycling past you, very aggressive impatient cyclists. I believe such cyclists are not common but they exist. It is a rotten day if you meet them. Hopefully, Nparks can solve that.