Saturday, May 04, 2013

SG Cyclists, the Inclusive Cycling Community

We'd love Singapore to be really bicycle friendly. We're a long way off but things have improved.

"SG Cyclists, the Inclusive Cycling Community" is a Facebook page run by a Mountain Biker, a Road Cyclist, a Triathlete, and a Fashion Stylist!

They are a shy bunch who ride two to three times a week, and no names for now, just judge them by what they do. I'm already recommending to newbies and oldies alike.

Why? I love their humour, helpful advise, suggestions and facts. In your facebook feed, you'll be urged to get off your butt to ride, be informed about the right way to wear a helmet, careful to check your lights on a Wednesday evening ride, be alert about haze and lightning, remember our fallen cyclists and measures to be safe and ways to enjoy your ride.

These are great messages to be reminded of and share with friends you might have just nudged on to a saddle - you need not ride alone!

Wearing a bicycle helmet

One morning I shared the helmet graphic with some green friends who have a tendency to point their visors to space! A helpful and effortless reminder before their next ride.

The founder of SG Cyclists almost lost a friend in a road accident. This sparked a network of like minded cyclists to spread the safe cycling message. And facebook is the medium through which information is spreading fastest these days between cyclists and other concerned individuals in Singapore.

SG Cyclists will expand their page admins to diversify content to match the cycling scene in Singapore. If they manage this, it could provide a central place for cyclists to gather online.

Just in their infancy, SG Cyclists had a fruitful conversation with Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Kheng about the fate of Tampines Bike Park. It was an example of the sort of dialogue they are willing to pursue.

SG Cyclists conversation with MP Baey Yam Keng

A cycling-friendly Singapore has become more of a reality just from 10 years ago. We have along way to go, but this will grow with our city. We can't pass the buck to government alone, but efforts from the ground are sorely needed, such as this one.

Go one, hop over and see you at SG Cyclists, the Inclusive Cycling Community.

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