Monday, April 15, 2013

Ivan Chew's suggestions for the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector

Ivan Chew at the Rambling Librarian writes,
"I love our Park Connectors. I ride on the Khatib Bongsu park connector most often (sometimes connecting all the way to Woodlands Waterfront, through the Admiralty connector). I've noticed minor improvements to the Khatib Bongsu connector in the last two years. But there's still room for improvements. "
And he goes on to detail the suggestions for seven sections of the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector, with illustrations such as this one:
If you have suggestions about your favourite PCN, blog about it and let me know, I'll highlight it here and forward the links to URA and any other relevant agency. Thanks Ivan!

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Anonymous said...

I decided to start cycling to work from Kallang to Tai Seng on the PCN along the river. I have been going it for a month and seen 2 other cyclists using it. This is great for me as I have pretty much the whole PCN to myself. I'm not sure why others do not use it but it may be to do with having to haul my bike over 2 briges. Personally I enjoy putting my bike on my back and climbing stairs as I love mountain biking and it keeps me fit. I am young-ish and have cycled over the Alps quite a few times and the Himalayas once, so it sort of reminds me of my previous trips. I have never seen old people, children or women in the Alps either.

So it is just great for me zipping along and I would like to thank Singaporean tax payers for building a wonderful PCN just for a humble foreigner - it probably cost millions. Very kind - keep up the good work. Thank you