Saturday, January 19, 2013

Straits Times:: "Delivery driver jailed for causing cyclist's death along Changi Coast Road"

"Delivery driver jailed for causing cyclist's death along Changi Coast Road," by Elena Chong. The Straits Times, 14 Jan 2013.

"A delivery driver who fell asleep at the wheel and caused the death of a cyclist along Changi Coast Road was jailed for three weeks on Monday. Kong Shyh Pyng, 39, was also banned from driving for four years.

He pleaded guilty to falling asleep, failing to keep a proper lookout ahead and failing to exert proper control of the lorry which rammed into the back of Mr Tan's bicycle. Mr Tan was flung forward and run over by the lorry. He died on the spot.

The court heard that on May 26 last year, Mr Tan was cycling 150 to 200m ahead of three other cyclists when Kong's lorry hit him from behind. Kong's lorry was seen slowing down slightly and veering to the left. It mounted over the left kerb and veered right back onto the road and ran over Mr Tan who had landed on the centre right of the left lane.

Further investigations showed that Kong had fallen asleep while driving. Despite having driven past eight pairs of speed regulating strips, he had only woken up after hearing a loud bang and saw the back of the deceased's body on the centre of his front windscreen. Kong, the court heard, was also very familiar with that stretch of road and knew that cyclists frequented the road, especially on weekends."

See also news and letters about the Jude Alphonso Tan tragedy. E. g. from reports by May 2012.

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