Thursday, June 21, 2012

What your first ride with Love Cycling SG could be like

Evon’s first LCSG Ride | Love cycling in Singapore
Group photos are taken on all LCSG rides!

Newbie Evon rushed to join Love Cycling Singapore (LCSG) at Kranji MRT for the Kranji Countryside tour. She had bought a second hand single-speed bicycle and is not a seasoned cyclist - yet.

But she went alone to join a group of strangers, and was welcomed, encouraged and looked after as she tok to the road for the first time, braved some slopes and visited the war memorial, took in the sights of the Johor Straits at Kranji Reservoir and had breakfast at a countryside vegetable farm.

She returned to Kranji MRT to fold up and walk away. Her first ride accomplished, she us ready for more. Read the engaging post about her adventure at the LCSG blog, "Evon’s first LCSG Ride".

Join LCSG as they explore Singapore on relaxed, safe rides around the island.

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