Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Doing the RIGHT thing" (on errant cyclists and multi-use paths)

Liew Kin Soon writes in response to all the negative press about cycling in Singapore (so much that I've not kept up):

"It looks like there has been plenty of negative press about errant cyclists on roads and multi-use paths. We should take a lesson from the Japanese.

While travelling in Tokyo on a work trip, I noticed how congested the roads and sidewalks were. Yet, cyclists, pedestrians and motorists were somehow threading their way past each other without fuss. There seems to be a give-and-take spirit and a recognition that we all have to get along for each other's sake.

I think that is the sort of graciousness we need to inculcate. No one person owns the road. We all share it. And we should all use common sense.

It's not a matter of "my RIGHTs", it's a matter of doing the RIGHT thing and showing care."

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