Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yokota Fritz's Cyclelicious bike route application now works for Singapore

Yokota Fritz wrote to say his "bike route application now works for Singapore. The routing engine is from MapQuest, and cycleway data comes from OpenStreetMap project, so if there are mistakes or shortcomings, users can fix the map info directly and quickly."

Head over to try it out at and let us know what you think. I gave it a quick look for Holland Village to Changi Village and this is what it spat out; I like the elevantion and biccle relevant directions and timing. Google Maps' bicycle option choked on this.

MapQuest bike directions w/ Google Maps APIs


pinto said...

Ah, it churned out almost the exact route we usually take from Bishan to Changi Village.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks for mentioning this and I hope this works out for Singapore cyclists. I'm interested in any feedback you have.

I think the most interesting (useful?) part of this is that this map will route cyclists on the park connector trails where possible and reasonable.

Are you familiar with the OpenStreetMap project?