Thursday, September 02, 2010

The lack of bicycle lights on an early Sunday morning

As I cycled down past MacRitchie last Sunday morning, I was struck with the sight of a roadie who overtook us - she had neither lights nor reflectors.

Despite it being a weekend, there was still plenty of traffic at 7am. Lights and a colourful jersey are critical for road safety especially in the early morning light.

How brightly lit are you?

Bicycle lights? Lornie Road, Sunday morning


Back2Nature said...

"despite it being a weekend" could be a misconception. On weekends, although there may be less cars, most drivers on roads are likely driving on roads they don't drive on regularly, and thus are less familiar to. More cars on weekdays during busy hours may not be less safe as the traffic will be slow (thus collision likely not severe).

Sivasothi said...

Oh, for sure there is much less traffic on a weekend morning between 6am-8am. That's why I pick that time for my rides to Changi Village or breakfast. Lovely air quality too.

People get going late on Sundays but even then, the density of the 10am-12pm weekend traffic can't beat weekday peak hour traffic.

If there is one danger lurking around 6am on a Sunday morning, it is the possibility of drunk drivers. So I avoid night spots if I can help it.

Anonymous said...

Light is not that really critical. I usually the most carry backlight at nite. In Sg, a lot of motorist act ignorant. Even they saw the light, they drive in a way thinking cyclist are transparent.

Trust me bro, even you add 10 rear/front lights. Motorist still act ignorant. Safe cycling heavily depend on rider itself. How he interact with other motorist.

I been full commuting for 3 years. Almost everyday. Except heavy rain or some off day staying at home.

Sivasothi said...

Ha-ha, the other factors are important of course but it's silly to rule out visibility - so, no, I'd say visibility is a critical first fix for us. Also, a single front and rear light is required by law, a point I failed to make. Will update. And yes, should highlight the other points in later posts.

Santhi said...

I could not help wondering how you managed to take the picture while cycling yourself. Is that safe at all?

Sivasothi said...

Very good question, thanks for asking!

You need:
- good balance to take the photo (people who grew up cycling),
- steady hands and/or a good camera to get a clear shot,
- always check there is no traffic behind you for safety (a rear-view mirror is important; weekday early mornings on this road is possible).

Sometimes I simply stop on the crest of a hill having crept up close; camera zoom helps if the cyclist is fast.

A friend has a camera mounted on his front handlebar, I hope to get that - safer and can record an entire trip!