Friday, May 07, 2010

"Promote the use of environmentally friendly transport"

Focus group on sustainability and identity for Concept Plan Review 2011 - Summary of Preliminary recommendations (06 May 2010)


"1(b) Promote the use of environmentally friendly transport:
More people should take public transport, walk or cycle, rather than use private transport. To encourage more people to use public transport, fares should be reduced and public transport should be made more convenient, frequent and comfortable. For example, multi-modal season passes can be introduced to allow for unlimited travel to be made across different transport modes within a designated time period, say a day, and economical shuttle services to MRT/LRT stations can be provided. Car parking policies should be reviewed to discourage the use of private transport, for example by reducing the number of car parking lots or by charging higher car parking fees in the city and town centres.

We should encourage cycling and walking by making it safer and more comfortable to do so. A dedicated bicycle lane network is necessary, for example like those found in other cities such as Osaka, Amsterdam and Sydney. We should have more parking facilities for bicycles which are also more secure and space efficient. Changing facilities should also be introduced for cyclists. Walking connections could be shaded and protected from direct sun and rain."

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