Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Singapore Sports Council's Safe Cycling Guide

I just learnt of this lovely 48-page pdf booklet which various groups contributed to. It is a great resource for cyclists starting out and a great read even for cyclists who have wandered the streets for some time.

I have placed a copy on my server (click to download pdf)
Safe Cycling Guide « Safe Cycling Task Force

I first saw a link to this guide posted on the Safe Cycling Task Force (SCTF) blog [link] which has begin to get populated with posts. I'm looking forward to more!


Will said...

Hi there,i've had a read through of the guide you've posted and it did provide some helpful, albeit generic safe cycling tips.

I'm planning on moving back to singapore sometime this year and was hoping to invest in a bike - mainly as a means of commuting as well as training for competitions. Ive been reading up on cycling in singapore and in general there does seem to be some stigma surrounding road cycling, because of either road conditions and carelessness on the part of motorists (and cyclists); and personally, 420 incidents of accidents within 9 months is slightly worrying.

I was just wondering if you might be able to provide some insight into what it is actually like to cycle in singapore. Where i'm living at the moment (the UK), it is a fairly bicycle friendly environment even on the roads. Although i have had my fair share of things getting chucked at me! It would be immensely helpful to be able to hear from first hand experience since figures like the one i mentioned rarely give you the whole picture. Thanks!

thomask said...


my commute is very short so i'm lucky, but the main thing i'd emphasise is to own your lane, and "push" overtaking cars into the second lane, rather than letting them try to squeeze around you in the same lane.

more often that not a car will then merge back too early, but if you have left enough space between yourself and the kerb then you'll have a buffer zone and time/space to brake slightly if need be.

drivers here seem to be more used to the slow pace of the old uncles on their flying pigeons, and can't accurately judge how fast a commuting cyclist can travel, so also be aware they'll try and overrtake before making a left turn (instead of waiting behind you, and very often turn with no indicator), and oncoming drivers will try a right turn in front of you, causing you to brake.

be patient if you can, understand why they drive like they do (VERY poor-to-none driver education, and the extreme "kiasu" attitutude), always make eye contact, never assume they'll see you, and take the quieter back roads / park connectors if time is on your side.

watch out for the metal drain grills in some gutters - the grille runs parallel to the road! - but again leave a buffer and you'll be ok.

www.bikely.com has some great singapore routes, and googlemaps has streetview here - good for finding quiet 'longcuts' and alternative routes eg through parks and the many greenspaces here.

good luck!