Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cycling for a Change

ST's Jeanette Wang "pledges to ditch her car for a bicycle to help fight climate change."

"Two wheels for a change," by Jeanette Wang. ST's Homeground, 01 Dec 2009.

Excerpt -
We sit and read about nations and what they are or are not doing to help the situation. But what are each of us doing individually to contribute to positive change?

Sure, I've been making a conscientious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle: Take my own bag to the supermarket, resist printing unnecessary e-mails, collect plastic bottles for recycling.

But what more can I do?

That question led me to my decision to give up my car and commute by bicycle, at least until Christmas. That resolution began today. As I type this there is a bicycle parked in my cubicle and cycling clothing and shoes hanging under my desk.

It's not all about global warming, though. Cutting greenhouse gases can also be a boon to human health by reducing deaths from cancer, strokes and heart disease, according to a report by The Lancet journal published last week.

Walking and cycling more, and driving less are among the easiest ways people can lower the output of CO2 and methane gas that also curb the global disease burden, said the study. Other easy ways: switch to cleaner-burning stoves and reduce meat and dairy consumption.


Follow her blog over the next 24 days as she documents her experiences of bicycle commuting! Some of the comments from readers are helpful too. Link

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