Monday, January 12, 2009

Multi-level automated bicycle parking in Tokyo

Asia is Green recently highlighted this Youtube clip which shows an automated system grabbing a parked 'gentleman bicycle,' sending it underground to be racked up in a space saving, multi-level bicycle garage, and quickly too!

The clip is on Japanese but from other blogs I gleaned that the garage is apparently located at Tokyo Metro's Kasai Station and can hold 9,400 bicycles. The reporter test recorded the system taking a mere 23 seconds to store a bicycle and this single session use cost 100 yen (S$1.65 / US$1.11) and about US$18 for a season pass.

Danny Cho took a closer look.

The garage apparently costs US$67 million. It is nearly full everyday and ther ehas been a 20% in neighbourhood biking according to the Washington Post report (see below).

See this informative report by Blaine Harden, The Washington Post:

See comments and this link about secure, free bicycle cages in Australia.


Anonymous said...

that's fantastic! but you probably don't need space for 9000-odd cycles at one station in singapore ;P

a cage with room for about 25-30 bikes at every 2nd or 3rd MRT stop would be pretty useable i reckon, as in melbourne.


Sivasothi said...

Thanks for the lead, saw this link about secure, free bicycle cages in Australia.