Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Battling peak hour fumes...

During the last Cycling in Singapore meetup in May, Chu Wa passed me his 'designed and made in Singapore' totobobo mask to try out while cycling.

In early July, I finally had the occasion to use it when I headed down for a gathering in Sengkang immediately after work. The totobobo mask is soft, light, has mainly reuseable parts, covers a variety of face-sizes and can be modified to custom-fit a person's face. Also cheap!

But is it meant for use while cycling? Chu Wa suggested I try it out to see for myself if was viable. Since my ride to Sengkang was a peak-hour ride, this was the time to see if the mask would make a difference.

Read "Filtering peak hour air (on a bicycle) (Otterman speaks, 04 Aug 2008) to find out how it turned out.

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