Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More bicycle parking facilities at MRT stations, bus interchanges

"More bicycle parking facilities at MRT stations, bus interchanges," by Margaret Perry. Channel NewsAsia, 18 Feb 2008.

"SINGAPORE : Transport Minister Raymond Lim said more and better bicycle parking facilities will be made available around MRT stations and bus interchanges.

The initiative will be implemented progressively, starting with towns where demand for bicycle parking facilities currently outstrips supply.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will carry out a year-long pilot study in 2009 in Pasir Ris, Tampines and Yishun to gather feedback and better understand the needs of cyclists before extending it to other MRT stations and bus interchanges, said Mr Lim.

He was responding to a written question by Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng on integrating cycling into urban transport planning.

Mr Lim said other cycling initiatives have been listed in the land transport review.

From March this year, cyclists will be allowed to carry their foldable bicycles onboard buses and trains on a trial basis during off-peak periods.

LTA will impose size restrictions and other conditions to ensure that the safety and comfort of other commuters are not compromised. - CNA /ls"


Anonymous said...

Is anything going to be done about the quality of bike racks offered? Most of the ones I see are designed such that it is either impossible or extremely difficult to directly lock the bicycle frame to the rack -- they are designed for you to lock only a wheel to the rack (of course, you may then lock the frame to the wheel with a second lock). I suspect a lot of bicycle thefts occur when people lock their wheels only, making it too easy for thieves to steal the rest of the bike. Often I'd rather lock my bike to a nearby signpost than to the racks offered because I wouldn't feel safe leaving my bike somewhere with only a wheel locked.

thomask said...

this post http://quickrelease.tv/?p=327 has some sobering info about bike locks and their ability to be "overcome" by determined thieves.

moral of the story is use the best lock you can afford, always lock your bike, and as ponder says, try and lock the frame rather than the wheel. or better, lock the frame AND the wheel.